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Succeeding in spite of the obstacles. -      A place where teens can actualize their highest potential
"Nurturing the whole child.. head, heart and spirit."
-Jani McGuire, Executive Director AYM

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 We at AYM invite you to join us in bringing
Emotional Education to teens at-risk.   
Together we can make a difference! 
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We hope we can count on you as a "NO SHOW," knowing that 100% of your donation will go directly to our organization and not towards an extravagant fundraising event. Your continued support is critical to AYM’s ability to fulfill its mission, and by making a donation you are assuring that many more at-risk youth will have an opportunity to “realize and actualize their highest potential.”

~Patron Ticket ~
  A gift of $25 or more helps support our operational costs.

~Courtier Ticket ~
 A gift of $50 or more helps support our after school program.

~Lords and Ladies Ticket ~
 A gift of $100 or more helps us provide food for the youth during workshops.

~Regency Ticket ~
 A gift of $500 of more helps support our Emotional Education workshops.

~Fairy Godparent Ticket ~
 A gift of $1,000 or more helps support our summer camp program.

~King/Queen of the Ball Ticket ~
 A gift of $3,000 sends 1 of our graduates to Malawi Africa to build a school, summer 2014.

A Poem from a recent graduate
Okay, so this right here's for AYM
Thought the workshop would be so lame,
thought wrong, actually made me change.
I see things different now,
used to make myself miserable,
used to think I was invisible,
but now I look back
on when I used to call myself fat,
used to pull my hair and scream.
Thought there was no one there for me,
tried to take my life away,
not realizing I'd leave loved ones in pain,
not realizing this ain't no game.
You only live once,
you've got to live it up,
never give up you may succeed.
Live every moment,
laugh every day,
'cause you don't know when you're goin'
So try to earn each day!
Female - Age 13
Our AYM for Africa team!
We had a very successful trip to Malawi, Africa this summer! Our team of  7 partnered with the non profit buildOn and worked alongside villagers to build them a school. Thank you to all who supported us in getting there!
This is a picture of the completed school in the village of Kauma, Malawi!

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Check out our 2013 Schedule, we are up to some great things this year for youth!!
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